First meeting of the Mazovian Cosmetics Industry - project Erice

On 8 September 2014 in Warsaw the first meeting of the Mazovian cosmetics industry was organized by the Agency for Development of Mazovia. "European Regions for the Cluster of Excellence" the meeting was attended by the owners and representatives of more than 15 companies in the cosmetics industry from Mazovia and representatives of the R & D institutes and universities of Mazovia. 

Principles of operation Mazovia Chemical Cluster, the benefits arising from the participation and cooperation in the cluster and assumptions ERICE project, which aims to improve the quality of cluster management organizations through training of regional trainers who will actively support cluster initiatives and strive to improve their management and organization - this information they have received numerous cosmetic industry representatives gathered from this region. 

 Mazovian cosmetics industry, as one of the most innovative on the market, has been selected by the foreign experts working in the project ERICE and the European Foundation for the Improvement of Cluster. Methodology of cooperation and main assumptions development of the  of the cosmetic industry is primarily an individual approach to each entity and the identification of its needs.Group of cosmetic industry, as a sub-cluster will seek to develop a common development strategy, which will allow companies and institutes to be more competitive both on the Polish and European level. The expected result of the collaboration is to improve dialogue with the public administration sector, the identification and indication of future markets.

In the near term, is also planned study visit in the French "Cosmetic Valley", which will be invited entities participating in the initiative. French cosmetic cluster brings together approx. 4.000 cosmetic companies, 7 universities and 200 laboratories and generated 100 research and development projects for the industry with a total value of 200 million euros, which is an excellent example of successful cooperation between industry and science in the context of clusters. 

 The first meeting brought to creators of the cluster, Industrial and Technological Park in Plock and Agency for Development of Mazovia, the expected answer to the question if such cooperation is possible and desirable. Representatives of the beauty industry from Mazovia discussed the needs and constraints and how to improve the competitiveness in the industry. All entities present at the meeting expressed their willingness to cooperate and participate in future meetings and activities of the group. 
 The next meeting of the cosmetic industry Mazowsze take place on 8 December 2014. We invite all interested companies and institutions cooperating.

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